03/03/2016… Excuse me?

It’s already the third month of this year! Wtf, time sure does fly. Been writing a lot in my comp books and need to focus more energy into blogging and getting my novella off the ground. This is mostly going to be a ton of rambling and disjointed thoughts.

I got a tooth extracted and lost not only the tooth, but possibly a therapist. I cancelled on her and haven’t heard back, I may have just gotten dumped by my therapist. In related news, I’ve been applying to volunteer for crisis and assault lines. There are a few places and programs that offer training in return for volunteer so I’m excited about that.

Went to get my eyes checked earlier this week. Good news is that my eyes seem to be stagnating. The prescription only changed a tiny bit so that’s great. My eye doctor is hilarious. Jason came in while I was getting my eyes examined to ask me something and he had a little bit of sass in his voice. So, my Optometrist retorts to him, “Not so pissy this time Jason!” Laughing while your eyes have just been opened with a flashlight is always the start of a nice day. I was telling him about my writing because he asked what I do. At first I replied, “I don’t do anything.” Then, I told him about my writing and some others projects I’m doing. He looks surprised then asked if I’ve had anything published. Somewhat let down, I tell him not really yet, some online publications. He then says, “Oh you look a lot like this other patient who has been successful in writing and publishing gay porn.” I tell him I enjoy erotica but that isn’t me unfortunately. We banter about porn and erotica briefly and then he recommends reading glasses in addition to normal life glasses. One step at a time.


Hope you you all have a great Thursday!


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