How many more days until Season 6?

As the days pass by, anticipation for the newest season of Game of Thrones becomes more and more palpable. From the show we love of fantasy, betrayal, and greed; this synopsis of season 5 is all you will need.

The characters and their stories are vast, only one missing this season. Bran was nowhere to be seen during season 5 so we can only guess that he is going to make a huge and surprising appearance next season.

I’ll start up north, with the Night’s Watch. Stannis, with his anger and stubbornness, tries to get help from the Wall to fight against the Boltons. Seeking any type of man, he implored if the wildlings would travel with him and serve his cause. Mance Rayder will not bend a knee to Stannis and has worked far too hard to be free. The last thing Mance would do is to help a Lord, which is why his appearance ends right away. Stannis has Mance Rayder burned alive in front of all of the night’s watch and fellow wildlings to witness. Luckily, Jon Snow’s kind heart put an arrow through Mance’s. Displeased yet impressed with this bold move, Stannis offers Snow a chance to be legitimized. While he refuses this, Jon becomes the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Janos Slynt gets executed by Snow and Tormund becomes Snow’s ally finally. Stannis sets out to Winterfell with his family in tow against Ser Davos’ better judgement. Gilly is attacked by two others and is saved just in time by Samwell with a bit of assistance from Ghost. Sam took quite the beating while defending Gilly and their love is finally consummated and Maester Aemon dies of old age at well over 100. Snow and Tormund tirelessly try to convince wildlings to join their side and fight together and witness the most frightening display yet. An army of wights(the creepy and skeletal beings in the north), go on a rampage and Kings of the Whitewalkers become visible and imposing to all. After fighting and killing a whitewalker, Jon is stabbed by his brethren at the wall. They leave him to die, no one could hear him cry. Samwell heads to Oldtown with Gilly and baby Sam to become a Maester.

Now down in Winterfell, things aren’t going so great. The Boltons have it and Reek is more dehumanized than ever. Petyr Baelish offers Sansa to the Boltons, without her permission. She is engaged to Ramsay, one of the most difficult and treacherous characters. Brienne, with Podrick as her squire are still honoring Lady Catelyn’s wishes to watch over her children and are following Sansa from a distance. As Sansa begrudgingly marries Ramsay, she also discovers “Theon” is alive but not well and now called “Reek”. On the night of their wedding, Sansa is raped by her new husband for Reek to watch. Bringing tears to the most cold of us all. Sansa tries to escape but Reek or Ramsay are always ahead of her and ruin her plans. Ramsay is legitimized by his father and has a brother on the way. Miranda, Ramsay’s former lover tries to wreak havoc on Sansa but fails, dying at the hands of Reek. As Stannis fights for Winterfell, he follows the terrible advice of Melisandre and burns his sweet daughter alive, sacrificing her to the lord of light. Once Shireen has died in front of her eyes, Celyse hangs herself. Charging downwards, the Boltons have the upper hand and slaughter many of Stannis’ men. Stannis was killed by the hands another, the one who was loyal to his younger brother. Brienne kills Stannis and Sansa and Reek leap into the snow, hoping to escape.

Tywin is buried and Cersei is livid for not having Tyrion to punish. Lancel returns devoutly religious and apart of a group called the Sparrows. The morality police, if you will.
Margarey, Tommen’s new wife, and his mother Cersei are doing everything possible to make each other miserable. Manipulation is at every turn between these two. Cersei takes it too far, and summons the faith militant in order to get what she wants. The sparrows judge all and lock 3 away. Loras, for being homosexual. Margarey, for supporting him and lying in court. Finally, Cersei for committing incest. Cersei will not admit her sins at first but finally does admit and is then forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing naked and head shaved, in an offer of sorrow. Walk of shame taken to a whole new level. Qyburn is still working like a mad scientist on what’s left of The Mountain. Jaime gets Bronn to accompany him down south, to retrieve Myrcella from Dorne.

Tyrion heads to Daenerys with Varys, with hopes that he can help her. Jorah intercepts these plans with ideas of his own to win favor from Khaleesi. He kidnaps Tyrion and they set off for Meereen. While passing through the old ruins of Valyria, Stone Men attack them and Jorah becomes infected with greyscale. What awaits Jorah and Tyrion is anything but a harmonious town and happy queen. Sir Barristan Selmy has been murdered at the hands on the Sons of the Harpy, and Greyworm was gravely injured. He was lucky enough to have Missandei nurse him back to health. With Drogon reappearing, Daenerys knows she has to treat her dragons carefully. She feeds Viserion a nobleman to show her opposition to reopening the fighting pits. She agrees that all must be happy so the people are allowed to fight as long as it is willingly. Jorah and Tyrion get captured by a slavemaster and Jorah sees a way back to Daenerys. He fights in front of her, killing men and bringing her a gift, Tyrion. Surprisingly even Tyrion says she should spare him, yet she exiles Jorah again and welcomes Tyrion to council her. With the brutal fighting pits up, Daenerys attends with Hizdahr zo Loraq, a noble master and her betrothed. While her heart and body lie with Daario Naharis, it is an advantageous move to marry a nobleman such as Hizdahr zo Loraq. While watching a fight, she is shocked to see Jorah back in the pits. A huge fight breaks out and the Sons of the Harpy attack. With everyone, even Jorah fighting to protect the queen, much blood is shed. Drogon flies in and she flies away from the scene and into a green and lush valley. As they are both exhausted, she sees and hears horses in the distance.

Arya is accepted into the House of Black and White. This is where they worship the many faced God. Jaqen does not feel she is ready to serve as she is still wearing Arya’s clothes and carries Arya’s belongings. To show she wants to serve and to honor Braavosi ways, she gets rid of all of her belongings and hides her beloved sword needle away in the rocks. Cleaning and brushing dead bodies becomes her new life for many days. Not knowing why, she asks but doesn’t get a reply. Finally, Jaqen thinks she is ready and takes her to show her more of the House. There is a chamber that holds hundreds and hundreds of faces, all of those that have died in the House of Black and White. After Arya humbly serves and seems committed, Jaqen sends her to watch a mischievous thin man who sells insurance. She watches him carefully yet comes across Ser Meryn, the man who she had promised herself to kill. She follows Ser Meryn and sees far too much of his illicit and depraved tendencies at a brothel in Braavos. Knowing this is her chance, she disguises herself and brutally kills Ser Meryn. When she returns to the House of Black and White, Jaqen asked what she had done. He appears to have taken his life to give one back that she stole from the many faced god and Arya becomes blind.

Jaime persuaded Bronn to come on his journey south to Dorne. While traveling, they encounter Dornish men and secretly arrive in Dorne. Oberyn’s wife Ellaria and her daughters, the Sand Snakes are wanting to avenge Oberyn’s death. Through Myrcella, they plan revenge. Jaime and Bronn see Myrcella and though she looks happy and in love with Trystane, try to take her away. She protests and then they are all accosted by the Sand Snakes. They get captured in the water gardens. Jaime and the Prince Doran agree to let Myrcella travel away to King’s Landing. Too vindictive to let this happen, Myrcella is poisoned by Ellaria with a kiss as she boards a ship with Jaime. As Jaime tells Myrcella he is her father, she interrupts and says she’s always known. As they embrace, she dies from the poison in his arms.

The army of the dead approaches the wall, who will save the realm?


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